Reseller Control Panel

What is RMU reselling?

As an official reseller we will give you access to our APIs, so you can build automatic Instant UDiD registration system under your own brand.

We've been established for 5 years so know all there is to posibbly know with regards to registering UDiD's. We have an extremely powerful automated backend that has been successfully running for the last few years.

For more detailed information please visit the main RegMyUDiD website
RegMyUDiD Packages

Everything buldled

As a reseller you have access to sell all RegMyUDiD Products
UDiD Registrations, iSignCloud, Premium Packages and much more coming.

In your admin control panel, you are able to see detailed statistics for your all your registrations. You are able to amend failed registrations, perform manual registrations. You don't even need your own database, RegMyUDiD will handle all your sales, registrations, we will even send out your branded confirmation emails from your domain name.


There is a number of benefits from joining the RegMyUDiD reseller program, here are just a few benefits you will recieve:

Instant Automated UDiD Registrations

Discount Reseller Rates

Access to sell iSignCloud

Pre made websites

Premium Domain Names Available

Website Hosting

Performance Reward Scheme