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API update
08.06.2014 17:24 GMT

We have updated our API, please check this page

API documentation updated
25.04.2014 16:12 GMT

We have added some features to our Dashboard - now you can view and search every of your UDID registrations.

Also check out updated API - it will help you to integrate UDID status listings in your website.

API updated
11.03.2014 15:17 GMT

Hello! We have updated our API, now it will not create same UDID with transaction with "from_failed*" prefix. From now, if you will submit same udid with same transaction ID as failed one, failed udid will be simply deleted and new registration will be placed in the end of registration queue.

You need to take no actions, it is implemented on our side only.

API library updated
01.02.2014 10:31 GMT


API library has been updated - features improved UDID valitation.

You can download it here: https://github.com/regmyudid/rmu-api